At Greco Countertops and Woodworking, we pride ourselves on offering free estimates to help with your remodeling plans for your kitchen or bathroom vanities projects.

What we need in order to help to give you an estimate:

  1. The type of material (laminate or solid surface)
  2. Linear footage of the countertop (overall dimension of the top) Example
  3. Will there be a backsplash
  4. The type of edge the top will have:
    Solid Surface
    1. half round
    2. ogee
    3. modified ogee
    4. classic
    5. modified classic
    6. bullnose
    1. bevel
    2. square/straight
    3. wood egde
These edges are specific to these types of counters.

After we have that information, we will give you an estimate based on:
  1. Cost of material needed
  2. Templating (if desired)
  3. Fabrication
  4. Delivery*
  5. Installation
*Deliveries outside the Capital Region are subject to additional charges due to fuel prices.

Feel free to fax your countertop information to us at 518-381-1629, or use the handy form on our Contact us page to give us the basics, and we'll be in touch with you to go over the specifics.

You can also give our office a call to arrange an in-office appointment to go over the selections of colors and designs we have available for your custom countertop needs.

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